About Us
MMY was launched as a construction service company dedicated to providing quality workmanship, unmatched personal attention to detail and design, with an “on time” attitude. Many projects later, MMY has earned its reputation as a leading GC of commercial and residential buildings. We pride yourself on providing superior construction by coupling old world craftsmanship with state of the art technology. Our goal is not only to deliver an impressive and high quality building. Our goal is to deliver this building, along with superior customer service every step of the way. Therefore the next step to nicer accommodations is yours…. Call us today at 845-517-4286/4287 or contact us and arrange for your complimentary consultation. Tell us what you hope to accomplish and let our “One Stop Shop” make it a fast, efficient, and cost effective reality.
All companies look good when things go as planned… but what really sets MMY apart is your ability to deal with the unexpected… In your case you shined
Sam Zeller, Ph.D.Executive Director, Interior Services for New York Inc
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