Construction Management


MMY provides a full scope of Construction Management services from Pre-Construction through Construction, Substantial Completion and Project Close out. A summary of these services include;


  • Project program coordination and preparation
  • Budgeting & Scheduling
  • Recommendations on construction methods, materials, procurement, and other costs
  • Detailed Cost Estimating
  • Coordination of contract documents
  • Coordination of safety programs
  • Scheduling and assisting in preparation of pre-bid conferences, site visits and other meetings during the bid period
  • Assisting with Owner-furnished items (OFI) and including them in the project schedule and budget


  • Pre-approving and recommending Subcontractors
  • Issuing and reviewing subcontractors bid proposals and conducting bid review meetings
  • Submitting a lump sum proposal for project price
  • Negotiating & awarding subcontractors
  • Coordinating construction sequence and conducting project meetings
  • Supervising construction work at the site for conformance to approved design and quality of workmanship
  • Verifying compliance with ordinances and regulations
  • Submitting requisitions for payment based on the percentage of construction work completed
  • Monitoring safety procedures at the project site
  • Coordinating and scheduling required inspections and approvals with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey personnel to maintain overall project schedule

Project Construction Schedule & Budget

During construction, MMY evaluates the project schedule on a continuous basis. We revise and refine the approved project budget to incorporate changes as they occur and provide options for any revisions under consideration. MMY will maintain completed and detailed cost accounting records, implement the procedures for reviewing and processing of progress and final payments developed with the owner, and prepare cash flow reports and forecasts, as required. Changes to the project are controlled using a change order system which includes the review and acceptance of such items by all participants.

Quality Control

The MMY quality management program begins early in the pre-construction phase and continues through the end of the project. It addresses the following activities:

  • Architectural and Engineering review
  • Ongoing scope and budget reports
  • Mock-up coordination
  • Shop drawing and sample review
  • Factory and shop visits
  • Site inspection
  • Testing and inspection
  • Installation and commissioning assistance
  • Punch list and closeout coordination

General Construction

MMY will review and monitor necessary safety programs for the project site, assist in obtaining building permits and special permits where required. In addition, we will monitor construction to verify that work is being performed according to contract documents on schedule and within budget.

Project Substantial Completion and Closeout

MMY will prepare a summary of the status of the work completed thus far by each subcontractor and the projected times of completion in order to recommend to the Owner and Architect when the project is ready for final inspection. We will provide the Owner with all items needed for closeout, including guarantees, affidavits, bonds and waivers, keys and maintenance manuals.

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